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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
  Tues/Wednesday Matches...
I'm going to throw out some Carling Cup / Prem Predictions for the mid-week matches:

Carling Cup is tough, cuz you don't know what type of a team is going to be sent out... In some cases, you might have a strong team fielding a weak side, but you can also have the weak sides fielding a weak side... How Reading would fare against Arsenal's preferred starting 11 might be quite different from playing the Reserve/Academy team...

Running Balance heading into the midweek : +£3.08

Arsenal v Reading
Arsenal will most certainly field a weakened side, but who knows, Reading might as well, they're leading the championship at the moment, and promotion is WAY more important than the League Cup run... Sky says Reyes and Van Persie will be in the team, that should be enough do the trick..
Pred: Arsenal
Odds: 1.53
Result: Arsenal 3-0, easy peasy... I collect £1.06.

Doncaster v Aston Villa
Doncaster are 9th in League One, Villa really shouldn't have trouble with them...
Pred: Villa
Odds: 1.61
Result: Whoa! Unreal, a FULL STRENGTH Villa team, featuring Angel, Baros, etc, probably 6 or 7 full Internationals goes down 3-0 to a team about 40 positions below them... Nasty, I lose my £2 on this one, down to -£0.94 on the day... :(

Millwall v Birmingham
Millwall are BOTTOM of the Championship, with only 3 wins from 21 games, again I have to go with the favorite here...
Pred: Birmingham
Odds: 1.72
Result: Come on Brum! Throw me a bone here! 1-1 Extra Time, 2-2 Full-Time, Whew, they went to Penalties, and won 4-3... I grab £1.44, so I'm up 50p for the day.

Beginning Balance: £3.08
Day Total: + 50p
Ending Balance: £3.58

EPL: Sunderland v Liverpool
Liverpool should have WAY too much class for Sunderland, who knows, maybe the bean pole will even score!?
Pred: Liverpool
Odds: 1.44
Result: Liverpool win 2-0, + .88

Wigan v Newcastle
I have to choose Newcastle here, word is Wigan are fielding a much weakened team, focusing on the league, while Souness (and Shearer) will be desperate to win something this year, and CLEARLY this is our best chance at it...
Pred: Newcastle
Odds: 2.20
Result: Newcastle crash horribly, I'm falling into a deep, deep depression... I lose my £2, so I'm -1.12.

Bolton v Leicester
Leicester sit 14th in the Championship, away from home v Bolton they should have no chance...
Pred: Bolton
Odds: 1.5
Result: Bolton win, in extra time, still counts! almost evens, -.12

Charlton v Blackburn
Finally a tough one to call! The problem also being that I've picked so many favorites that my winnings so far will be minimal so I could lose it all with a bad choice here...
Pred: I'll stick with the home team here - Charlton
Odds: 2.25
Result: Boo, boo! -£2.12

Man Utd v West Brom
Ok, here's where I'll go for the long shot! Man Utd will definitely field a weakened team, and while you might suspect that West Brom will as well, at 5.5 odds, I think it seems a reasonable gamble! Come on West Brom!
Pred: West Brom
Odds: 5.5
Result: BOO, BOO!, BOO!!, United winning in the Carling Cup, what is wrong with this world?? I'm down £4.12 for the day!

Middlesbro v Crystal Palace
Pred: Boro
Odds: 1.5
Result: Thank You Boro for coming from behind to beat Crystal Palace... Big deal, I win a quid back... Still down -£3.12 for the day

Beginning Balance: £3.58
Today's Results: -£3.12
Ending Balance: £0.46

Big Freaking Deal! I'm up 46p... Oh well, let's hope things go my way this weekend, easy come, easy go eh?
Friday, November 25, 2005
  EPL Weekend Predictions/Results
Ok, so it's time for me to put my virtual money where my mouth is... I'm going to use as my bookie, and for the next 4 weeks, 'pretend' to place £2 bets on each match, and we'll track how I do... I've posted results of each match in green...

Arsenal v Blackburn: TV - Delayed - Midnight on Sportsnet
This should be a bankers special, meaning, it's a sure thing... Blackburn have been inconsistent of late, they do have some class and some fight, so on their day, they can pose teams problems, but I think Arsenal are looking better and better and they shouldn't have trouble putting this to bed by halftime.
Prediction: Arsenal
Odds: 1.3, which if I understand it correctly, means if I win, I get (2 x 1.3) £2.60 back. So I make 60p on the win, yet lose my £2 if I'm wrong... A small amount, because obviously Arsenal are heavily favored to win...
Result: Arsenal Win, 3-0, I'm Correct, I'm 1/1, and +60p

Aston Villa v Charlton: This is a tough one to call, it's 2 middle of the table teams... Both have a few injuries, Chalton are missing both Bartlett and Euell... Villa has both Baros and Angel fit, with Milner in there as well they should create some chances, I'll go with the home team on this one...
Prediction: Villa
Odds: Villa are slight favorites at 2.2
Result: Villa win 1-0, Correct again, I'm 2/2 and make another £2.40, so I'm at £3

Man City v Liverpool: (Live 10:00am - Sportsnet)
City have struggled a wee bit lately, it's time for them to put things right. Liverpool have had a Champions League match, while City has had the week off. No major injury problems for either team. Liverpool are slight favorites, but I'm going to go with my heart and then I can be doubly glad if I get it right...
Prediction: Citeh
Odds: 2.6
Result: Boo, Liverpool win a dismal game, 1-0, I'm 2/3, lose £2 on this match, so I'm still up £1.

Sunderland v Birmingham: A real 6-pointer! Birmingham are having a horrible season, well Sunderland are too, but everyone expected them to... I think both teams will be fired up for this one, Sunderland still has a TON of injuries, while Birmingham are missing Forseell and Nafti. I have to think that Birmingham's comparitive class will show on this one, and I'd love to see Sunderland completely adrift at the bottom...
Pred: Birmingham
Odds: 2.6
Result: Woohoo! Birmingham win 1-0, Sunderland are f'd... I'm 3/4, get another £3.20 for this win, taking me to £4.20

Wigan v Tottenham: Another interesting match-up... Wigan really gave Arsenal a run for their money last week, and I think the players, while disappointed to lose, will have taken a lot of good points out of that performance, so I think they'll still go into this match with confidence. Tottenham have failed to win their last 4 Premiership matches and so they need 3 points to get back up fighting for a Champions League spot...
Pred: Tottenham
Odds: 2.5
Result: Tottenham win 2-1, what a great result for me, I'm 4/5, make another £3, so I'm up £7.20 so far...

Portsmouth v Chelsea: (12:30pm Sportsnet)
Without a manager, low in confidence, not a CHANCE!
Pred: Chelsea
Odds: 1.33 - I'll take my 66p and get on with it...
Result: Suprise, suprise! Chelsea win 2-0... I'm up £7.86!

At this point, I can even afford to lose on 3 out of 4 of my Sunday picks and still be up...


Everton v Newcastle (No TV Coverage, watching on PPLive)
We'll be hurting a bit from our loss at Chelsea, but apparently Owen, Shearer and Luque are all expected back, that should be enough to grab us a few goals and a win...
Pred: Newcastle
Odds: 2.5
Result: Boo, Boo, Boo! Once again we were surprised by a late failed fitness test on Michael Owen, so it was Shearer and Ameobi up front... It wasn't a great game, a handful of chances for both sides, they took one of theirs, unfortunately we took none of ours, Shearer missed a few that he typically would have taken. One positive was Luque's return, he came on for about the last 35 minutes and looked very positive, good running, going at defenders, good crossing ability, I'm hoping he stays fit, it gives us another great attacking option, I think next year, assuming we don't make another big signing, he'll be partnering Owen up front..., I watched the game on PPLive, missed about the first 10 minutes while I hunted for the right channel and stuff... Anyhow, so Everton won 1-0, I'm down to £5.86

Fulham v Bolton (Tape Delay - Fox Sports World)
Bolton should be good enough to beat the Cottagers...
Pred: Bolton
Odds: 2.5
Result: Ouch, another suprise loss, a few quality strikes from McBride win this one for Fulham. 2-1. I'm down another 2, to £3.86

Middlesbrough v West Brom
This is such a tough one to call... The odds are heavily in favor of Middlesborough (1.61), but I'm sure Bryan Robson will have this team up for this one, he's returning to his old haunt and he'll be desperate for a good performance. Middlesborough might still be tired from their UEFA Cup match in Holland on Thursday night, the crowd will be small and pretty quiet, I think I'll go for the upset on this one...
Pred: West Brom
Odds: 4.5
Result: Ouch! While I didn't expect to win this one, it would have helped me out, given the Fulham and Everton results... They were actually leading 2-1, but Boro came back to equalize... So I'm down to a measely £1.86, not even enough for a pint!

West Ham v Man United (Live - the Score 11:00am)
Since I went for the upset in the other match, I'll begrudgingly go for the favorite here...
Pred: Man United
Odds: 1.61
Result: Finally, one goes my way, I'm not happy about it, would have gladly given £2 to see United lose, it finished 2-1, I make £1.22 off this, so finished the weekend up £3.08. On a total of a £20 bet, that's a 15% take, not bad I suppose...

I'll carry that tally over, and then post both my weekly result and running balance...
Wednesday, November 23, 2005
  Family Fun at the Americana Resort!

Had a WONDERFUL TIME at the Americana Resort this past weekend. I highly recommend it to families. The water park was terrific, here are some pictures!
  Volo Pictures

Volo has posted some pics of their Cask Days festival... Here's Steve and I enjoying some pints!
  EPL Weekend Predictions/Results
Lets see how I did this past weekend...

Wigan v Arsenal
Prediction: Arsenal
Result: Arsenal win 3-2, this was actually one of the best games I've watched this year, well the first half anyway, all 5 goals were scored, end-to-end stuff... I'm 1/1

Charlton v Man United
Prediction: Draw
Result: Man United win 3-1, sh*t! I'm 1/2

Chelsea v Newcastle
Prediction: Draw
Result: Chelsea win 3-0. Nil-Nil at half-time, but 2 quick goals because of defensive mistakes and it was game over... We were suprisingly missing Owen, but don't think it would have mattered... I'm 1/3

Liverpool v Portsmouth
Prediction: Liverpool
Result: Liverpool win 3-0. Got this one right... An Easy win... I'm 2/4

Man City v Blackburn
Prediction: Draw
Result: 0-0 Draw! Nice! I'm 3/5

Sunderland v Aston Villa
Prediction: Villans
Result: Villa win 3-1, Excellent, I'm 4/6... Milner is getting lots of playing time, experience, and doing well, getting assists, I really hope we get him back next year, he's got some class!

West Brom v Everton
Prediction: Everton
Result: West Brom win 4-0! Crazy, man what the F*** has happened to Everton??? I'm 4/7

Middlesbrough v Fulham
Prediction: Draw
Result: Boro win 3-2, I'm 4/8

Tottenham v West Ham
Prediction: Tottenham
Result: Draw! Crap! I'm 4/9

Birmingham v Bolton - Post-poned!

Ok, starting next week I'm going to post the odds as well and then track my results that way, to see if over say 4 weeks I'd be ahead or behind... Then perhaps I'll start putting my money where me mouth is! :)
Tuesday, November 22, 2005
  Beer Bistro - Late Autumn Beer Festival
I attended the Late Autumn Beer Festival at Beer Bistro on Sunday, with Steve and his buddy Sergio... It was actually a charity event, in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma society, and had an absolutely magnificent time! From a purely beer sampling perspective, I tried more new brews on Sunday than I've had in a long time!

Suprisingly, I didn't over do it, didn't end up in Hamilton (long story), but enjoyed some exceptional beers from all of the world, sampled some really fine appetizers, was in good company, with many brewers in attendance, and also took part in the the beer & cheese pairing talk by Stephen Beaumont, which was a really cool eye-opener... We same 4 different cheeses from Monforte Dairy - I can't remember them all, and didn't take notes, but one in particular really caught my attention, it was a smoked cheese, and it was paired with Church Key's Holy Smoke Ale, it was totally awesome, watch for this at a tasting party at my house soon!

I highly recommend this type of an event to anyone interested in expanding their beer knowledge. The Bistro has a very well-balanced, and wide selection of bottles and taps, which allows a person to really sample the gamut of all beer styles available, and with each style, the selection is I feel one of the very best, or certainly a solid representation of the style.

Some of the new beers I sampled:

King Pilsner - This is a beer that I probably have had before, but Pilsner is a style that for me, I'm just recently starting to come around and really enjoy... I think from early on I simple though Pilsner (because the word is printed on a bottle of Labatt Blue), meant sh*te, but over the past year or so, since I've begun to expand my range of styles that I enjoy, I've looked for some lighter, more summery beers to enjoy. One in particular that I'm now a big fan of is Steam Whistle, which is a Pilsner... I did, in fact, try the King Pilsner in a cask-conditioned form at the Volo Cask Days event, and it was awesome, and I had been hearing from many folks that the King Pilsner was excellent, so I sampled it, and really, really enjoyed it. I found it has a very similar aroma and taste to Steam Whistle, so I'm anxious to pick up a 6-pack and try it side by side against Steam Whistle to see if there is one I prefer more... At the very least, I think I'll now buy this and Steam Whistle, back and forth, and recommend to any Pilsner fans to give this a try... WILL DEFINITELY BUY THIS!

La Messagere - While I'd seen this many, many times at the LCBO I was reluctant to buy a whole 6-pack of it. It's advertised as Gluten-Free, so I thought, ok, well that probably means it's sh*te, WRONG, I found this to be a really light, yet unique belgian style ale... I can describe it as perhaps a blend of something like a Leffe Blond, or something like that, with say a Budweiser, a very lightly flavored, clean ale. So the result is something very, very easy to drink, yet still with that spicy Belgian character. WILL DEFINITELY BUY THIS!

Black Oak - Whiskey Aged Nut Brown Ale - I'd had this a few times before, but it just keeps getting better, so smooth and tasty, very well done!

Sgt. Pete - Perry from Scotch-Irish has produced a version of Sgt. Major's IPA using a percentage of peat-smoked barley malt, imparting a smokey element to this bitter, hop heavy brew...

For those of you who don't know, Perry from Scotch-Irish, and Ken from Black Oak, are really the two Renegades of the Ontario Craft Beer Community, these are the guys who are taking risks, experimenting, listening to the beer enthusiast community and creating new beers that push the envelope, they deserve our whole hearted support!

Some others I tried:
Creemore UrBock
Sinha Stout
Mill St. Barley Wine
Delirium Tremens
Konigshoeven Trappist Ale - Quadruppel
Gulden Draak - 10.5%
Okicim Porter

Anyhow, lots of other stuff I want to blog tonight, so I'll cut this a little short...
Friday, November 18, 2005
  Google Video meets the Toon...
Check this out...

Do you want to get a taste of what it's like to see Newcastle score at St. James? Check out the winning goal in the Newcastle v Sunderland match from earlier this year, captured by what appears to be a camera-phone or something, but pretty amazing.... Enjoy!
Thursday, November 17, 2005
  EPL Predictions Nov 18th Weekend
Aah... An international break, Wasn't it nice having a break from Premier League actions? Not! It was boring as hell! Good to be back in the thick of it, here's my thoughts for this weekend's matches:


Wigan v Arsenal - Arsenal are playing this up like it'll be a tough match, and you know what, they really should... As much as I hate to do it, you really have to, at this point, start giving Wigan some respect... I mean, next year, they might be fighting relegation, but they're the genuine article... They work hard, have a well organized defence, are chock full of confidence and they have some pacy, powerful forwards who can put the ball in the back of the net, if presented with the chance... That's all you need! That's also a fairly accurate description of Arsenal... But, with Arsenal you have to add that they have some super stars in the team who are capable of turning a game, and that I think that will be enough to allow Arsenal a victory, but I don't think it'll be easy, and I don't think it'll be a rout!
Prediction: Arsenal

Charlton v Man United - This is a tough one to call... In years past, you might say a guaranteed 3 points for United, but Charlton have continued to strengthen, have invested in some quality with the limited funds they have, and of course, have a great manager. United, on the other hand have a weaker squad than they've had in a long time, they still have quite a few injuries, and the stars they've relied on in years past are, well, past it! Keano, Scoles, Giggs... Should be a good match, hopefully Charlton will be up for it, and will give United a hard time, after beating Chelsea, perhaps United will be not quite as hungry as they might have been and hopefully they'll slip.
Prediction: Draw

Chelsea v Newcastle - Hmmm... I know what you're thinking! Can I predict a loss for my beloved Newcastle... Well read on... Newcastle are coming off of 4 straight wins, Chelsea are coming off of 2 straight defeats, so the form-based prediction says Newcastle should win... Chelsea appear to have no injuries, but Drogba is suspended, and I read that Crespo is hurt from the England v Argentina match, so who knows?... Injury news for Newcastle isn't that good. Shearer and Carr won't be risked from their recent hernia operations, Taylor is out with a dislocated shoulder, and Dyer and Luque are still out... So, I just wonder if Newcastle might try to play 4-5-1, try, as other teams have, to stifle the Chelsea passing game, and maybe get one on the break... I think with Emre, Solano, Owen in the side, we can cause Chelsea some problems, and I wouldn't be suprised to grab a goal, perhaps from a free kick or corner, we know Given is the sh*t, so if Bramble and Boumsong can play well then I really do think we have a chance to get a result out of this game...
Prediction: Draw - Howay the Lads!

Liverpool v Portsmouth - Sh*t, an easy match for the Reds...
Prediction: Liverpool

Man City v Blackburn - Blackburn are starting to put some wins together, City have started to show some inconsistency...
Prediction: Draw

Sunderland v Aston Villa - Sewpa Kev returns to his old stomping ground... and for once should win a match there...
Prediction: Villans

West Brom v Everton - Everton need to keep getting results, West Brom are the type of team that Everton can beat, and I think they will
Prediction: Everton


Middlesbrough v Fulham - Yawn... Both teams have their share of injury problems, and have had dodgy form, so a very tough one to call... So I won't.
Prediction: Draw

Tottenham v West Ham - Another London Derby for Tottenham, I suspect they'll win this one.
Prediction: Tottenham


Birmingham v Bolton - Bruce's Blues will Buckle.
Prediction - Bolton

Comments welcome!, add your predictions and let's see who knows their stuff!
Tuesday, November 15, 2005
  the BUS STOP's here...

Found out from our Travel Agent on Monday that our scheduled Friday flight to La Romana, Dominican had been cancelled and we'd been rebooked on a flight to Punta Cana, which is a 2 hour Busride away...

So based on the Malaria thing, the bus situation (I can't imagine the kids being in a good mood after 1 hour to Pearson, 3 hour wait, 5 hour flight, 2 hour busride!), and the various negative review's on TripAdvisor about the food at Santana Beach that we read after booking, we decided to cancel... We've once again rec'd a full refund... It's pretty amazing that we've almost gone to 3 different countries this month...

We're now planning to head to Cancun in February timeframe, head back to the original resort in Cancun that we had booked in the first place... The Crown Paradise In the meantime, we're going to do a little fun family trip to Niagara Falls for a few days, staying at the Americana Resort, which has a really cool looking indoor water park, should be super fun for the kids...
Sunday, November 13, 2005
  That's Mojito, not Mosquito!

Wonderful news... 5 days left til we leave on our holiday and I read that Health Canada has issued an advisory regarding 2 cases of MALARIA from the Dominican Republic!

Isn't that lovely? I'm sure there's like a 1-in-a-million chance, but the way our luck has been going with this trip, nothing would suprise me... So I guess we've off to get prescriptions, we'll get some medicine, and go heavy on the DEET...

WAAAH! It's just not fair, I'm telling you! Like, we're supposed to be looking forward to sipping fancy drinks, not fearing for our lives... I know I'm being a spoiled brat, but really... This sucks... Malaria, gimme a break... You'd think we were heading for the jungles of deepest darkest Africa... Perhaps a really high blood alcohol level will scare the Mosquitos away! I don't really know if there is such a thing as "Mosquito Season" in the Dominican, this seems to be a question Jeeves doesn't know...

Apparently the Beer they have on tap at the resort is Presidente, I expect it'll be yellow fizzy stuff, hopefully it isn't too foul as it's nice to have some variety... It averages 1.94/5 on Ratebeer, that's not a good sign, but hey, I'm not going for the beer right, right...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005
  The Bar Towel :: View topic - Late Autumn Beer Festival at beer bistro
The Bar Towel :: View topic - Late Autumn Beer Festival at beer bistro

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend this one, but it sounds very, very cool... Thought I'd post it up here to let my peeps know about it... I'll be by the bar, probably drinking Presidente (It's Spanish for Fizzy Yellow Stuff...)

beerbistro's Late Autumn Beer Festival to find a cure for blood cancers

Sat Nov 19th 2005 1pm til 7pm

Dozens of beers to try, including:
• Winter Warmers
• Festival Exclusives
• Cask-Conditioned Ales
• Hard-to-Find Belgians

Your ticket Includes:
• 5 Tasting Coupons (additional tasting coupons are $2 each )
• Beer Cuisine Hors d’Oeuvres
• a Souvenir Tasting Glass That’s Yours to Keep (first 120 attendees)

Special Tutored Tastings Hosted by International Beer Expert Stephen Beaumont
3:30 - Ontario Beer, Ontario Cheese Thanks to Monforte Dairy
4:30 - Intro to Beer & Food Pairing
5:30 - Beer & Chocolate Thanks to Soma Chocolatemaker
$10 per tasting session all proceeds go to Leukemia Research (advance registration recommended; sign up at the bar)

TASTE the beers of Ontario at the special Ontario Craft Brewers table

All for only $20 in advance, $25 at the door
Tickets Available at beerbistro (416) 861-9872, 18 King Street East,
or by contacting Kerry Desmond (416) 301-7339
or Alastair Hood (905) 257-7121
  DominiCAN YOU DIG IT??

We booked our new Vacation, happened to find a 'replacement' all-inclusive, actually less expensive than the plan in Cancun - the Santana Beach Resort in La Romana, Dominican Republic...

We leave on November 18th for 7 days, really looking forward to it... Hopefully I'll have some Internet Access from down there and can post text, perhaps even photos, or perhaps they'll have to wait til we get back...
Friday, November 04, 2005
  EPL Predictions 11/4/2005
Ok, El Predicto is at it again, let's see if I can improve on my 6/10 average!

Aston Villa v Liverpool: Ugh, my heart is telling me Liverpool will win this one, Villa have been struggling, Liverpool have had a European match midweek and won last weekend... But... I think Liverpool are just an average team, so I'm going to call it a draw:
Prediction: Draw
Result: Liverpool snatched it late on, a dodgy penalty and then Villa's defence went missing badly for the second goal... I'm 0/1

Arsenal v Sunderland: Van Prissie has been doing quite well (aka Dirty Dutchman #2), he deserves a start... Sunderland have very poor form and a ton of injuries...
Prediction: Arsenal... Has to be... Sunderland are sh*te
Result: Arsenal! Van Persie got his start and a goal! 1/2

Blackburn v Charlton: Tough one to call, Blackburn has been very inconsistent, I think I'll go again for the draw
Prediction: Draw
Result: Blackburn, on fire... Crazy? 1/3

Fulham v Man City: Fulham will finish bottom half of the table this year, City will finish top half...
Prediction: Citeh
Result: Fulham... I'm sucking this week, perhaps 60% was good! 1/4

Newcastle v Birmingham: We're at home, Birmingham have tons of injury troubles, and we're finally mostly fit... Birmingham isn't scoring goals, now with Owen, Emre and Solano in the line-up we ARE scoring goals... Should be a comfortable win for the Toon...
Prediction: Howay Howay Toon Toon
Result: Yes! Finally! Newcastle do me a favor! They kept it late and apparently it wasn't a very good performance, but 3 points is fine with me at this point... 2/5

West Ham v West Brom: West Brom layed down at home against us last match, they're struggling for confidence and West Ham are a good team with some quality... Sheringham is till pulling the strings and Behayoun looks quite good (if not a little light weight)
Prediction: Hammers
Result: Yes, Hammers win it, I heard nothing about this game, other than Sheringham started... 3/6

Portsmouth v Wigan: Should be a good match, both teams have some confidence, Portsmouth after rolling over Sunderland, but Wigan won't lay down like the Mackems... Wigan can't keep winning through...
Prediction: Draw - Robert will get a goal...
Result: Doh! Apparently Wigan *CAN* keep winning... 6 straight and still in second, amazing! I'm 3/7

Ok, so I need to get Sunday's correct and I suppose there is a fixture on Monday? Bolton v Tottenham or something?

Everton v Middlesbrough: Everton's revival will continue, Middlesboro will be on a high after beating ManUre, but Everton will start to show some grit and pull one out... by the odd goal...
Prediction: Everton
Result: Everton Win, Hooray, didn't watch the match, but happen that Everton seem to be turning it around. 4/8

Man United v Chelsea: Come on Chelsea, make it 3 losses in 3 for the rags... Honestly, Man United don't have the heart at the moment, they've lost their self belief, Chelsea will want a convincing win after losing in the Champions League, and while United will as well, the difference is Chelsea have way more class and the ability to get the win!
Prediction: Chelsea.
Result: Boo Boo Boo F'ing BOO!! I watched the majority of the match, with a few distractions, but from what I saw I think Man United did deserve a result... They certainly showed they were up for it, in particular Alan Smith with his new Keane inspired 'doo... Oh well, it doesn't really make much difference for Chelsea, but it does take lots of pressure off Man United, but I would have, ahem, LOVED IT if Chelsea had beaten them... So I end up 4/9... I suppose I should post a prediction for Tottenham v Bolton...

Bolton v Tottenham: Ouch, another tough one to call, I can totally see this one going either way... Bolton are known as such a physical team, tough to defend against their set pieces... Tottenham are really playing so well this year... I'd like to see Tottenham win this, but I think perhaps a draw is the best guess on this one...
Prediction: Draw
Thursday, November 03, 2005
  Walter's Beer ???

I stumbled across this tonight! Talk about cool... I smell a new eBay frenzy...

Lots of really neat retro breweriana on eBay too, old cans, glassware, signage, etc... I think I gotta get me some!

The bad news is that the brewery is gone, closed down.. Boo hoo...
Wednesday, November 02, 2005
  Who the F*CK are Man United???

Answer: That sh*te team from Manchester that have lost their last 2 matches...

My buddy Richard has gotten in on the act, an email of his was featured in the Guardian's Match Commentary - check it out here:

Also, my 8-year-old son Jack decided to blog about it too! -

Even more tantalizing, they play Chelsea this Sunday! Will I be rooting for the Blues? You betcha!!! Come on Chelsea! When is the last time Man United suffered 3 consecutive defeats?? I have no idea, but I doubt it's happened in the last 10 years, especially all in competitive fixtures...
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