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Monday, December 24, 2007
  The Morality of File Sharing
Excellent article which discussing the current zeitgeist around Morality & File Sharing, and I couldn't agree more...

The industry keeps trying to advertise that what people who download are doing is STEALING. It's not STEALING... STEALING is when you take something from someone so they don't have it anymore.

If someone steals my car, I don't have a car anymore, I can't get around, they've taken something from me.

If I download a song, I'm not taking that song away from anyone. People might argue that I'm taking money away from the record label, but I wouldn't have bought 95% of the music that I download anyway... If the labels would embrace the technology embrace the cost savings of electronic distribution and pass that on to the customers, great! But as long as they expect me to pay 99 cents a song, they can go screw themselves...

One interesting point made in the article is the 160gb iPod... Have you considered how much it would cost to fill that with legitimately purchased songs? I did a quick calculation, let's say you put 3mb songs on there - I know that's small, but let's say they're not the best possible quality, the 160GB would store 53,000 songs, at 99cents each (which is reasonable if you say an average album is $15 and contains around that many songs... So it would be like $53,000 to fill the iPod with music... That's hillarious...
Thursday, December 20, 2007
  Exercisng Feels GREAT, thoughts on WHY
Hit the Rogers Centre gym this morning, man it felt great to get a good workout in, followed by a relaxing 15 minutes in the hot tub... Aah

After about 5 minutes on the ellyptical trainer, I was feeling totally awesome, as the beads of sweat began to develop across my forehead, heart rate up to ~ 150, YES! music cranked on the iPod...

For 100,000 years, Humans have had it tough, we've HAD to work hard physically to survive, it's only over the last hundred years that large numbers of people had the luxury of sedentary lives. It feels GOOD to exercise, it feels GOOD to get a work out and to actually USE your body... Our bones and muscles didn't evolve to sit around on the couch! They evolved to hunt, to gather, so intrinsically we feel good when we do that which we've evolved for.. Ok, so I'm not hunting animals, but getting a good cardio workout by playing a sport or going for a run or whatever is physically in the same ballpark.

Anyway, I just want to reenforce to myself how amazing I felt after the workout in hopes that I'll remember this on mornings when I don't REALLY feel like getting out of bed and getting my gym stuff together... I'm trying to cement those synaptic pathways in my brain, to encourage the habit...

Anyone want to join me at the gym sometime? I want to make at LEAST a Thursday morning visit a regular habit for the next few weeks and then look to make it 2 days a week when possible.
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