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Sunday, November 13, 2005
  That's Mojito, not Mosquito!

Wonderful news... 5 days left til we leave on our holiday and I read that Health Canada has issued an advisory regarding 2 cases of MALARIA from the Dominican Republic!


Isn't that lovely? I'm sure there's like a 1-in-a-million chance, but the way our luck has been going with this trip, nothing would suprise me... So I guess we've off to get prescriptions, we'll get some medicine, and go heavy on the DEET...

WAAAH! It's just not fair, I'm telling you! Like, we're supposed to be looking forward to sipping fancy drinks, not fearing for our lives... I know I'm being a spoiled brat, but really... This sucks... Malaria, gimme a break... You'd think we were heading for the jungles of deepest darkest Africa... Perhaps a really high blood alcohol level will scare the Mosquitos away! I don't really know if there is such a thing as "Mosquito Season" in the Dominican, this seems to be a question Jeeves doesn't know...

Apparently the Beer they have on tap at the resort is Presidente, I expect it'll be yellow fizzy stuff, hopefully it isn't too foul as it's nice to have some variety... It averages 1.94/5 on Ratebeer, that's not a good sign, but hey, I'm not going for the beer right, right...

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