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Friday, November 25, 2005
  EPL Weekend Predictions/Results
Ok, so it's time for me to put my virtual money where my mouth is... I'm going to use Ladbrokes.com as my bookie, and for the next 4 weeks, 'pretend' to place £2 bets on each match, and we'll track how I do... I've posted results of each match in green...

Arsenal v Blackburn: TV - Delayed - Midnight on Sportsnet
This should be a bankers special, meaning, it's a sure thing... Blackburn have been inconsistent of late, they do have some class and some fight, so on their day, they can pose teams problems, but I think Arsenal are looking better and better and they shouldn't have trouble putting this to bed by halftime.
Prediction: Arsenal
Odds: 1.3, which if I understand it correctly, means if I win, I get (2 x 1.3) £2.60 back. So I make 60p on the win, yet lose my £2 if I'm wrong... A small amount, because obviously Arsenal are heavily favored to win...
Result: Arsenal Win, 3-0, I'm Correct, I'm 1/1, and +60p

Aston Villa v Charlton: This is a tough one to call, it's 2 middle of the table teams... Both have a few injuries, Chalton are missing both Bartlett and Euell... Villa has both Baros and Angel fit, with Milner in there as well they should create some chances, I'll go with the home team on this one...
Prediction: Villa
Odds: Villa are slight favorites at 2.2
Result: Villa win 1-0, Correct again, I'm 2/2 and make another £2.40, so I'm at £3

Man City v Liverpool: (Live 10:00am - Sportsnet)
City have struggled a wee bit lately, it's time for them to put things right. Liverpool have had a Champions League match, while City has had the week off. No major injury problems for either team. Liverpool are slight favorites, but I'm going to go with my heart and then I can be doubly glad if I get it right...
Prediction: Citeh
Odds: 2.6
Result: Boo, Liverpool win a dismal game, 1-0, I'm 2/3, lose £2 on this match, so I'm still up £1.

Sunderland v Birmingham: A real 6-pointer! Birmingham are having a horrible season, well Sunderland are too, but everyone expected them to... I think both teams will be fired up for this one, Sunderland still has a TON of injuries, while Birmingham are missing Forseell and Nafti. I have to think that Birmingham's comparitive class will show on this one, and I'd love to see Sunderland completely adrift at the bottom...
Pred: Birmingham
Odds: 2.6
Result: Woohoo! Birmingham win 1-0, Sunderland are f'd... I'm 3/4, get another £3.20 for this win, taking me to £4.20

Wigan v Tottenham: Another interesting match-up... Wigan really gave Arsenal a run for their money last week, and I think the players, while disappointed to lose, will have taken a lot of good points out of that performance, so I think they'll still go into this match with confidence. Tottenham have failed to win their last 4 Premiership matches and so they need 3 points to get back up fighting for a Champions League spot...
Pred: Tottenham
Odds: 2.5
Result: Tottenham win 2-1, what a great result for me, I'm 4/5, make another £3, so I'm up £7.20 so far...

Portsmouth v Chelsea: (12:30pm Sportsnet)
Without a manager, low in confidence, not a CHANCE!
Pred: Chelsea
Odds: 1.33 - I'll take my 66p and get on with it...
Result: Suprise, suprise! Chelsea win 2-0... I'm up £7.86!

At this point, I can even afford to lose on 3 out of 4 of my Sunday picks and still be up...


Everton v Newcastle (No TV Coverage, watching on PPLive)
We'll be hurting a bit from our loss at Chelsea, but apparently Owen, Shearer and Luque are all expected back, that should be enough to grab us a few goals and a win...
Pred: Newcastle
Odds: 2.5
Result: Boo, Boo, Boo! Once again we were surprised by a late failed fitness test on Michael Owen, so it was Shearer and Ameobi up front... It wasn't a great game, a handful of chances for both sides, they took one of theirs, unfortunately we took none of ours, Shearer missed a few that he typically would have taken. One positive was Luque's return, he came on for about the last 35 minutes and looked very positive, good running, going at defenders, good crossing ability, I'm hoping he stays fit, it gives us another great attacking option, I think next year, assuming we don't make another big signing, he'll be partnering Owen up front..., I watched the game on PPLive, missed about the first 10 minutes while I hunted for the right channel and stuff... Anyhow, so Everton won 1-0, I'm down to £5.86

Fulham v Bolton (Tape Delay - Fox Sports World)
Bolton should be good enough to beat the Cottagers...
Pred: Bolton
Odds: 2.5
Result: Ouch, another suprise loss, a few quality strikes from McBride win this one for Fulham. 2-1. I'm down another 2, to £3.86

Middlesbrough v West Brom
This is such a tough one to call... The odds are heavily in favor of Middlesborough (1.61), but I'm sure Bryan Robson will have this team up for this one, he's returning to his old haunt and he'll be desperate for a good performance. Middlesborough might still be tired from their UEFA Cup match in Holland on Thursday night, the crowd will be small and pretty quiet, I think I'll go for the upset on this one...
Pred: West Brom
Odds: 4.5
Result: Ouch! While I didn't expect to win this one, it would have helped me out, given the Fulham and Everton results... They were actually leading 2-1, but Boro came back to equalize... So I'm down to a measely £1.86, not even enough for a pint!

West Ham v Man United (Live - the Score 11:00am)
Since I went for the upset in the other match, I'll begrudgingly go for the favorite here...
Pred: Man United
Odds: 1.61
Result: Finally, one goes my way, I'm not happy about it, would have gladly given £2 to see United lose, it finished 2-1, I make £1.22 off this, so finished the weekend up £3.08. On a total of a £20 bet, that's a 15% take, not bad I suppose...

I'll carry that tally over, and then post both my weekly result and running balance...
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