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Monday, October 31, 2005
  GolTV Canada, launches this week!
Exciting news! We have yet ANOTHER Soccer Channel in Canada! Launching tomorrow (Tuesday, November 1st) -

Rogers Digital Cable Channel 428... It's supposedly free for the first few months, and there appear to be some decent review and news type shows in addition to Live Matches... This week they are showing 3 UEFA Cup matches on Thursday...
  EPL Weekend Results

Doh! Didn't get around to posting predictions this time around... But generally speaking, I'm happy with the way results went...

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Newcastle's win against West Brom, not that I have anything against West Brom, it was just nice to see Newcastle perform well and have an emphatic victory! Let's hope we see many more of those this year... With a fully fit squad, we're a match for anyone! I'm actually starting to feel bullish about getting a result against Chelsea when we play them!

Sunderland got thumped by Portsmouth, I'm sure the ex-Mags in the team enjoyed that!

Boro thumped Man United, which is amazing, I wish I'd watched that game, but was out in Clarkson village with the boys getting candy :)

Our next match is Birmingham, they've been struggling recently, have their share of injury problems too, so let's hope we can grab 3 points from them and move onward up the table!
Wednesday, October 26, 2005
  Trip Cancelled...

Well sad news today... Earlier today (Wednesday) we got word that we could go ahead and rebook another trip through Sunquest, our Travel Agent recommended 2 properties, the Sol Palmeras in Veradero, Cuba, and a second choice the Holiday Inn Seabreeze in Jamaica.

After checking them out and verifying some details, we decided at about 5:30pm to go ahead and book at the Sol Palmeras... We get a call back a few minutes later, that it will actually be an extra $400, ouch, but Ok, whatever, let's just get it done... So we break the news to the kids, they're disappointed not to be going to the place with the water slides, etc, but we start showing them pictures of Cuba and trying to get them excited and they start coming around... Then, we get a call back at about 7:00pm, no go, prices have gone up even more, the place is booked, yadda yadda yadda...

So unfortunately we've had to take the option to cancel... Our Travel Agent (from ) is off tomorrow, so Friday we'll re-evaluate our options... We have fewer than most as we're travelling with the 3 boys and MANY, actually MOST resorts only offer rooms with a Max capacity of 3 adults or 2 adults + 2 children... Still no official word from the Crown Paradise as to when they'll re-open, but once December rolls around prices are much higher, so either we get lucky and find something suitable for November departure, or we'll be forced to push back our Holiday to February timeframe...
  Al's Lip is Split... Yet... Sticks the ball in the Net...

The Warrior!

Shearer does it again, hits a crisp, left footed drive into the back of the net to take Newcastle on to the next round of the Carling Cup...

Justin Whittle, a 4th division defender had the nerve to lay a forearm on wor Al, who required 4 stitches... A red card offense right? Nope, not even a free kick!

Ah well, no worries, he'll heal alright and we move on to the next round... 9 Premiership sides are already knocked out (Chelsea, Tottenham, Man City, Liverpool, Everton, West Ham, Sunderland, Portsmouth and Fulham), here are the 16 teams that remain in the competition...

  1. Aston Villa
  2. Crystal Palace
  3. Doncaster
  4. West Brom
  5. Millwall
  6. Arsenal
  7. Wigan
  8. Blackburn
  9. Reading
  10. Birmingham
  11. Leicester
  12. Charlton
  13. Newcastle
  14. Bolton
  15. Middlesbrough
  16. Man United

5 Non Premiership teams still left, so a fair chance of getting another winnable match and making it to the Quarter-Finals... Hopefully Man United and Arsenal will field weak sides and get knocked out next round, and then who knows!! If we're fit, we've got a chance... No European distraction this year! Draws for the next round are on Saturday...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005
  Careful Lads!

Check out this pic, it's the gang celebrating Emre's winning goal vs. the Mackem's, but the look on Souness' face is great eh?

Oh yeah, and by the way, a full-strength Liverpool team lost away to Crystal Palace in the Carling Cup today... (li)
Monday, October 24, 2005
  EPL Predictions/Results Oct 22nd/33rd
Overall a very exciting weekend of football, lots of good match-ups and a variety of wacky stuff going on...

Blackburn v Birmingham, This is a tough one to call, both teams are kind of sh*te...
Prediction: Draw
Result: Blackburn won this, 2-0, Dickov (Pen) and Bellamy grabbed the goals... 0/1

Arsenal v Man City, This is the match everyone will be talking about the rediculous 2nd penalty attempt... I've seen a dozen replays of it now, what a joke!
Prediction: Arsenal
Result: Arsenal 2-0, I'm 1 for 2..

Aston Villa v Wigan, Tough one... On Paper you'd pick Villa, but Wigan are proving to get fairly tough to break down and they have some quality up front who can score a goal if they get the chance... Villa did grab a win last weekend at Birmingham, but I think they'll lose this and Wigan will continue their impressive run.,
Prediction: Wigan
Result: Wigan 2-0, Jewell is out of control... I'm 2/3

Fulham v Liverpool,
Prediction: Fulham
Result: Fulham 2-0... Amazing, I'm 3/4!

Man United v Tottenham,
Prediction: Tottenham
Unfortunately Tottenham couldn't quite win this one, but they did take it to them, and even now with Man United being kind of shite, I think a point at Old Trafford is still a decent result for anyone...
Result: 1-1, I'm 3/5

Portsmouth v Charlton, Portsmouth are sh*te and should lose pretty much every game... So I'd say Charlton will win this one... Heck Portsmouth's team is made up of players who couldn't even make it at Newcastle who finished 14th last season, what does that tell you???
Result: Charlton win 2-1... I'm 4/6... Not bad for Saturday!

Newcastle v Sunderland, I did get to celebrate at a beer festival on Sunday, what an exciting game, great to see Shola get a few goals, we looked much more creative and attack-minded with Emre and Solano in the team, can't wait to see the football we'll be playing with Owen/Shearer up front, then Luque or Emre, Parker, Dyer, and Solano in midfield... Should be brilliant
Prediction: Newcastle
Result: Newcastle 3-2, Correct again, 5/7

Bolton v West Brom, Bolton are struggling a bit now, they've lost to City and Chelsea back-to-back while West Brom are full of confidence after beating Arsenal... Bolton don't score a lot of goals, so I'm again going to sit on the fence...
Prediction: Draw
Result: Bolton..2-0 Bugger! West Brom had an early penalty, but had to retack it since Geoff Horseass ran into the box before the ball was struck, and subsequently Kamara missed... Ok, I'm 5/8

West Ham v Middlesbrough, Again, tough one to call, West Ham almost fought back for a point against City, Middlesboro are sh*te
Prediction: Hammers
Result: Correct, Teddy freakin' Sheringham scoring the winner... He must be like 40 now isn't he? I'm 6/9

Everton v Chelsea, I said: What can you say, you could bet your mortgage on this one... I'll offer to run down my street naked if Everton manage not to lose this one...
Prediction: Chelsea, 100%, no doubt in my mind...
Result: 1-1. Wow! Good thing no one will hold me to that! So I end up 6/10... 60% again, that's 3 weeks straight at 60% accuracy... Would that win me any money I wonder?
  'Squeek' with Style...

My mouse bit the biscuit, so I popped over to BestBuy to grab a new one, didn't want to spend alot, but wanted something with a brand name, optical and with a wheel and a back/thumb button... Check out this BEAUTY!! It's a Microsoft Mouse, designed by World Famous Designer Philippe S+ark (I've never heard of him...), anyway, it's it dead sexy? The blue part stays lit up when it's plugged in...

Best part? $14.99! Check it out...

It's available in Blue or Orange...

Friday, October 21, 2005
  Cancun is gonna get shmoked...

Ok, I'm taking off my 'optimistic' hat... Cancun is going to get shmoked... Hopefully we can book into another area, or else we'll suck it up and make the best of it, but I really don't think that it's going to be 'OK'.... Check out this wicked pic... Look at the size of that bad boy, it's a storm the size of bloody Ontario, and it's CATEGORY 4, and it's only moving at about 10 kmph... Brutal...
  Mexico (incl. Cozumel and Cancun) - Local Reports (Caribbean Hurricane Network)
Mexico (incl. Cozumel and Cancun) - Local Reports (Caribbean Hurricane Network)

This guy get's a little wacky, but it's certainly a very interesting and creative translation of the experience of living through a hurricane, check it out!
  EPL Predictions 10/22
Ok, let's check out this weekend's matches...

Click on the links for Sky Sports previews when available:

Blackburn v Birmingham, This is a tough one to call, both teams are kind of sh*te...
Prediction: Draw...

Arsenal v Man City, I think generally speaking this is a good time to play the gunners... But Henry is back and Arsenal are playing at home... City have done well this season, but I think they are over achieving, so I think they'll come back to earth, Arsenal are also hurting from their loss against West Brom, so I think they'll come out blazing....
Prediction: Arsenal

Aston Villa v Wigan, Tough one... On Paper you'd pick Villa, but Wigan are proving to get fairly tough to break down and they have some quality up front who can score a goal if they get the chance... Villa did grab a win last weekend at Birmingham, but I think they'll lose this and Wigan will continue their impressive run.,
Prediction: Wigan

Fulham v Liverpool, Fulham have lost a few recently and Gerrard can only pull so many 'Get Out of Jail Free' cards out of his ass... I think Fulham at home will win this one... But I wouldn't be suprised by a draw either...
Prediction: Fulham

Man United v Tottenham, come on Tottenham, prove that you are really worthy of all the talk that's going around... Beat the freaking scum and make me look smart...
Prediction: Tottenham

Portsmouth v Charlton, Portsmouth are sh*te and should lose pretty much every game... So I'd say Charlton will win this one... Heck Portsmouth's team is made up of players who couldn't even make it at Newcastle who finished 14th last season, what does that tell you???

Newcastle v Sunderland, I honestly can't take another loss... I'm at a beer festival on Sunday and I want to drink to celebrate, not to drown my sorrows... It's the same old story, but we still have a whack of injuries... Souness is trying to sound hopeful over Owen, but it looks like he won't play, but the players KNOW that we need a win, and Sunderland are SH*TE, so we really, really, really NEED to win this one...
Prediction: Newcastle or bust...

Bolton v West Brom, Bolton are struggling a bit now, they've lost to City and Chelsea back-to-back while West Brom are full of confidence after beating Arsenal... Bolton don't score a lot of goals, so I'm again going to sit on the fence...
Prediction: Draw.

West Ham v Middlesbrough, Again, tough one to call, West Ham almost fought back for a point against City, Middlesboro are sh*te
Prediction: Hammers

Everton v Chelsea, What can you say, you could bet your mortgage on this one... I'll offer to run down my street naked if Everton manage not to lose this one...
Preduction: Chelsea, 100%, no doubt in my mind...

Ok, let's see what Sunday night brings... If Everton manage to nick a point, I hope we get a warm breeze....
  Wilma's Impact on our Travel Plans...
Got the following, reassuring email from my travel agent:

I will be getting updates on all of the hotels affected and I will let you know. As of now, the Crown Paradise has not been touched. Usually the clean up of a hurricane on the beach and the streets usually takes 1 week because they need the tourism to continue. If there was a lot of damage, you would not be sent there. We always work it out. No worries.
  My Name is Earl - FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY!!!

I think I'm a little behind on this one by a few weeks, who knew something other than animation and reality TV was worth watching??, but thought I'd share it because no one told me about it, just stumbled across it last night, and it rocks...

New sitcom on NBC, "My Name is Earl", and it's f*ing hillarious! It stars Jason Lee, the guy from all of the Kevin Smith movies (Mallrats, etc)... and while the humor is very similar, suprisingly Kevin doesn't appear to be involved at all... Anyway, the premise is Jason plays "Earl", this total skid white-trash type guy who has been an ass his whole life, then discovers Karma and decides he has to right all the wrongs of his life, so he makes this list and then begins trying to make up for all the bad things he's done, ends up getting into all these crazy funny situations with bizarre characters... I've been totally laughing out load watching it, strongly recommend it...
You're going to ask me, when it's 'on' right?

Hmmmm... It's on when you double-click on it... Here's a link to the Mininova search, just click and download... It's on some weeknight at like 9:00pm or something...

2nd EPISODE On...:
Thursday, October 20, 2005
  Wilma Watch...
This is a pretty cool site with an animated satellite shot of the Hurricane:

Some mixed forecasts...

Good News:
- It's gone from a CAT 5 to a CAT 4, hopefully it won't re-strengthen.
- It will shortly turn NORTH EAST.

Bad News:
- It will hit Cancun directly, or come VERY, VERY close
- They've evacuated all of Cancun

I guess we wait and see what happens, and then next week read the Cancun forums, try to get a handle on the damage in the area and at our resort specifically and determine if we carry on as planned or cancel or switch to someplace else or what...
Wednesday, October 19, 2005

We're taking a family carribbean vacation this year, spending a week in Cancun, Mexico at the Crown Paradise Resort..., pictured to the left... We just booked last week through iTravel2000 and are very, very excited, doing research on the area, thinking about some possible day-trips, etc... But... (Bring the impeding doom music), now we find that Hurricane Wilma is projected to hit or come dangerously close to Cancun, so hopefully it won't do too much damage and negatively impact our plans (Talk about being selfish eh?)
Sunday, October 16, 2005
Ok, that is a pretty big statement, but you REALLY have to check this out, I strongly encourage you to download this and play, it is awesome!


Google Earth puts a planet's worth of imagery and other geographic information
right on your desktop. View exotic locales like Maui and Paris as well as points
of interest such as local restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more.

It's a desktop version of Google maps, and much, much, more... It is such a thrill 'flying' around from place to place on a whim, totally amazing and fun... There is a Google Earth community that post up placemarks to various stuff, one guy has posted 2300 different club football stadiums...

Amazing! Did you know that it's only a 3 minute drive between Anfield and Goodison Park?, nice a nice "Away Leg" eh? How about Newcastle's St. James' Park to Portsmouth's Fratton Park? 6 hours and 18 minutes! Whoa!
  EPL Predictions - Results 10/16

Wigan 1 v Newcastle 0 - Prediction: Newcastle... Bugger... Wrong 0/1... Newcastle didn't really get out of the gates in the first half... Played fairly well in the second half, were robbed a goal, I think probably deserved at least a draw... Blech...

Birmingham 0 v Aston Villa 1 - Prediction: Birmingham... Wrong again, 0/2... Had planned to watch this game, but didn't...

Charlton v Fulham - TBD - I guess this match is on Monday...Prediction: Charlton

Chelsea 5 v Bolton 1 - Prediction: Chelsea - Right! (1/3) Wow I'm freaking Nostradomas, I correctly predicted Chelsea to win! Hahaha...

Liverpool 1 v Blackburn 0 - Preduction: Liverpool - by at least 2 goals.. Ok, I missed to goal margin, it's not my fault Liverpool are still a little more shite than I thought... (2/4) I'm as accurate as flipping a coin at this point...

Man City 2 v West Ham 1: Prediction: Draw - Incorrect... (2/5) City SHOULD have won by even more, I watched a bit of this game...

Sunderland 1 v Man Utd 3: Preduction: United. Correct (3/6)

Tottenham 2 v Everton 0 : No suprise here Prediction: Tottenham (4/7)

West Brom 2 v Arsenal 1 : Preduction: Draw, well I'm partly right, I did predict that the Arse would struggle without Henry and Viera, I was right about that, but to lose to West Brom, WOW! (4/8)

Middlesbro v Portsmouth: Prediction: 0-0 Draw - Correct result, the actual score is just for bonus points! (5/9)

So hopefully Charlton beat Fulham and I end up with a little better than the coin flip approach!

  New Depeche Mode Album...
Is there a name for a BLOG that includes Links to Torrents, is that a TorrentBlog? Anyway, if you want the new Depeche Mode album, just click here, it's a link to the .torrent at, you'll need a Bit Torrent client like ABC or Azureus, I've posted about that stuff before...

Just pulled it down, but it's too late for a full listen tonight...

Wigan v Newcastle was freaking painful to watch today... We started quite brightly, have a few half chances right off the bat... Owen looked sharp and determined... Shearer is having less and less success against centre halves, I don't know if it's the refs who've figured him out or what but he's winning fewer headers, flick-ons are rarely accurately placed towards his supporting players, and he tends to have more free kicks blown against him than for him... Faye was pretty useless, dunno why Souness didn't start with Clarke instead... Emre looked very good when he came on, anxious to get onto the ball, playing direct, creative, sharp passing... Shola was pretty useless as well... We really, really need to get our injured players fit, it's a bugger that we haven't been able to capitalize on these last 2 matches which SHOULD have been a guaranteed 6 points and we've only got 1... As far as Shearer's goal that wasn't, it certainly looked over the line to me...

Aside from the Newcastle match, I did Ok on predictions, not too many other suprises... I'll hold til tomorrow afternoon to summarize the full results...
Thursday, October 13, 2005
  EPL Weekend Predictions

Wigan v Newcastle - Owen and Shearer are fit, it looks like Emre will be available to come off the bench after playing 45 minutes with Turkey midweek, our defence has been pretty mean in the past few weeks, so I've got to think we can come away with 3 points.

Prediction: Newcastle

Birmingham v Aston Villa - These derby matches are always great, I'll never forget that Peter Enkleman clanger when he let that throw-in go under his foot into the net, and the subsequent pitch invasion with that one fan making the 'wanker' sign... Check this out Blues vow to ban fan for life, poor bugger! I found this picture of it, isn't that great?... - Anyhow, you've got to lean towards the home side in these big matches...

Prediction: Birmingham

Charlton v Fulham - The Danny Murphy show will continue, Fulham are looking pretty shite, I think Charlton will put them to the sword

Prediction: Charlton

Chelsea v Bolton - This should be a decent match to watch as I can see Bolton making life tough for Chelsea, but the way the Blues are playing, I just can't predict anything other than another 3 points for Chelski..

Prediction: Chelsea

Liverpool v Blackburn - I think Liverpool will bounce back from their embarassing defeat by Chelsea and win this emphatically...

Preduction: Liverpool - by at least 2 goals..

Man City v West Ham: This should also be a very competitive match, I think both teams are playing with a lot of heart, I can see this one finishing a draw.

Prediction: Draw

Sunderland v Man Utd: Once again, I'd love it if I am proven wrong, but Man United should win this easily...

Preduction: United.

Tottenham v Everton: No suprise here, Everton will stay bottom after this weekend, Tottenham are rampant, they have a lot of class in their side and are playing good football... Everton have no class in their side, no confidence, and will struggle... I think Everton need to look to home matches against sh*te opposition to start picking up some points...

Prediction: Tottenham

West Brom v Arsenal: I think this is a good time to play Arsenal, they're struggling without Viera and with Henry injured they are nothing like the invincibles from a few years ago... I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict a draw...

Preduction: Draw

Middlesbro v Portsmouth: Yawn... this will be a sh*te match between 2 sh*te teams...

Prediction: 0-0 Draw

Let's see if I do better than last time out... Comments anyone?

  Volo - Awesome Place!!!

I had lunch with my friend Richard at today - 587 Yonge St...

Had an amazing lunch, a great Sweet Potato Soup, Italian Panini sandwich, and a superb pint of Cask Conditioned Granite IPA... Yummy...

They're having a Cask Ale Festival next weekend that I'm heading to, I'll post a review later...
  FIFA 06
Well I got a copy of FIFA 06 for the XBOX this past weekend, and I have to say I'm a fan... I'm still getting used to some of the changes, FREE KICKS in particular are much different. I think the change that has frustrated me the most if how hard it is to maintain possession in the middle of the field. You absolutely have to pay more attention to playing the ball to players who are in space, and also take care with your first touch to play the ball into space. If you are in possession and run into an opposing team player, you lose the ball about 90% of the time... Another change is it's much tougher to control your player, and the timing of shots/passes when sprinting... For instances, you're a midfielder, sprinting forward with the ball, you send your forward(s) on a run, wait for them to be in line with the defence, then play your through ball.... NOPE! Often your player will take an additional second or so to actually play the pass, by which time your attack is offside... However, if you just run normally instead of sprinting you're typically better able to get those passes away quickly... I've also had quite good success with running down the wing and using the X (lob pass) into the middle and score with a header... I'm currently playing my first Manager Mode game, I've taken charge of Grimsby (hey, they're black and white!), and in my last match knocked Everton out of the 'English Cup'
Friday, October 07, 2005
  Audioslave - Out of Exile
Just wanted to post up quickly to say this album is AWESOME... With Audioslave playing in Toronto tonight, they were at the Edge 102 studios yesterday doing an interview, made me remember that I liked this album a lot on the first few listens, but haven't given it a full run-through in quite a while... Listened to it on the way in today, it's really a great album. Track after track it's very strong, very powerful, catchy, awesome guitar riffs and great lyrics... I strongly, strongly recommend it to any alt-rock fans...

For those of you who aren't familiar with Audioslave, it's a sort of mash-up of a band, consisting of Chris Cornell, the former lead singer of Soundgarden and the former members of Rage Against the Machine (less Zach de le Rocha). The result is heavy guitars, a good groove and hell bend vocals...

Out of Exile, released in 2005, is Audioslave's second album.
Wednesday, October 05, 2005
  The Football Quotes Page
Some good quality time wasting here...
Tuesday, October 04, 2005
  depeche mode dot com
depeche mode dot com

Depeche Mode - In Toronto, Thursday, December 1st! Air Canada Centre

Montreal, Sunday, December 4th - Bell Centre... Hmmm... Weekend away in Montreal you say?? Hit a few brewpubs.... Perhaps... Perhaps... Perhaps...
Monday, October 03, 2005
  Grandma Gets Hit -
Grandma Gets Hit -

This is a wicked funny video clip...
Well I didn't do too bad...

Man City v Everton
I think Man City will bounce back and win this one... Everton are completly lacking confidence this season, they've also got injury problems... Pierce will know that City need a win and will have the lads up for it.
Prediction: Citeh
Result: 2-0 - Johnny gets one right! Whoohoo!

Arsenal v Birmingham
Arsenal have too much class, even without Henry and Bergkamp for Birmingham... Especially at home...
Prediction: Gunners
Result: 1-0 - Johnny gets another right, two for two! Whoohoo!

Villa v Boro
O'Leary seems to have things clicking pretty good with the Villans, they're playing with some confidence, Milner is doing well, Boro just got spanked by Sunderland, I think the home side will take this one...
Prediction: Villa
Result: 2-3 - Boo! Boro win it, I'm 2 for 3.

Blackburn v West Brom
Both these teams are pretty sh*te, Blackburn suprised everyone with their win against Man United, so they'll stroll out and fail to trouble West Brom, I predict a boring 0-0...
Prediction: Draw
Result: 2-0 - Boo! Boo! Boo! I'm down to 2 for 4.

Charlton v Tottenham
This should be a great match, and should be selected for television... Both Charlton and Tottenham have invested in some quality over the past few years and I expect will be fighting for a European spot come the end of the season... It's a close one to call, but I think Tottenham might just outclass Charlton, although I could see this one going either way...
Prediction: Tottenham
Result: 2-3 - CORRECT! Also correct about entertainment value, would have been a great match to see, I'm back above 500, 3 for 5.

Fulham v ManUre
Unfortunately I think United will win this one... However, I would LOVE IT, LOVE IT, if Fulham would beat them!
Prediction: United.
Result: 2-3 - Unfortunately CORRECT! 4 for 6.

Portsmouth v Newcastle
Newcastle expect to have Dyer back in the line-up, I think with N'Zogbia playing so well, Parker, Dyer, and probably Bowyer, Newcaslte will boss this game, and our pace will be too much for Portsmouth, should be a comfortable victory with ex-mags LuaLua down with bloody Malaria and Robert unavailable due to the wacky transfer-cum-loan deal thing...
Prediction: Howay the Lads - We should win this by at least 2 goals...
Result: 0-0 - With both Owen and Dyer out, I can't say I was shocked by this result... The reality is we're missing so many top players at the minute that we're an average team, we need to get Owen, Luque, Dyer, Emre, and Solano fit! 4 for 7.

Wigan v Bolton
Bolton are a very, very difficult side to play against, I think they'll win this for sure...
Prediction: Bolton
Result: 2-1 - Wrong again, back to 50/50 - 4 for 8

Liverpool v Chelsea
I think Chelsea will win this one... I don't really rate Liverpool much this season, I think Crouch was a bad signing, I think Gerrard is really the only thing keeping this team in contention this year, he's the only player with heart... I was suprised that Liverpool held Chelski in the Champs League, but there's no way they can stop the juggernaut for 180 minutes...
Preduction: Chelsea
Result: 1-4: Correct, also correct about Liverpool being sh*te except for Gerrard. 5 for 9.

Sunderland v Westham
I think Sunderland will have a lot of confidence now that they've secured their first win... The crowd will be behind them and I think they'll match West Ham... West Ham have been difficult to play against and are picking up lots of points...
Prediction: Draw
Result: 1-1: Correct, so I ended up 6 for 10... Uhhh... That's 60%, wonder how I would have done plunking down a few bucks on a betting site...
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