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Thursday, November 17, 2005
  EPL Predictions Nov 18th Weekend
Aah... An international break, Wasn't it nice having a break from Premier League actions? Not! It was boring as hell! Good to be back in the thick of it, here's my thoughts for this weekend's matches:


Wigan v Arsenal - Arsenal are playing this up like it'll be a tough match, and you know what, they really should... As much as I hate to do it, you really have to, at this point, start giving Wigan some respect... I mean, next year, they might be fighting relegation, but they're the genuine article... They work hard, have a well organized defence, are chock full of confidence and they have some pacy, powerful forwards who can put the ball in the back of the net, if presented with the chance... That's all you need! That's also a fairly accurate description of Arsenal... But, with Arsenal you have to add that they have some super stars in the team who are capable of turning a game, and that I think that will be enough to allow Arsenal a victory, but I don't think it'll be easy, and I don't think it'll be a rout!
Prediction: Arsenal

Charlton v Man United - This is a tough one to call... In years past, you might say a guaranteed 3 points for United, but Charlton have continued to strengthen, have invested in some quality with the limited funds they have, and of course, have a great manager. United, on the other hand have a weaker squad than they've had in a long time, they still have quite a few injuries, and the stars they've relied on in years past are, well, past it! Keano, Scoles, Giggs... Should be a good match, hopefully Charlton will be up for it, and will give United a hard time, after beating Chelsea, perhaps United will be not quite as hungry as they might have been and hopefully they'll slip.
Prediction: Draw

Chelsea v Newcastle - Hmmm... I know what you're thinking! Can I predict a loss for my beloved Newcastle... Well read on... Newcastle are coming off of 4 straight wins, Chelsea are coming off of 2 straight defeats, so the form-based prediction says Newcastle should win... Chelsea appear to have no injuries, but Drogba is suspended, and I read that Crespo is hurt from the England v Argentina match, so who knows?... Injury news for Newcastle isn't that good. Shearer and Carr won't be risked from their recent hernia operations, Taylor is out with a dislocated shoulder, and Dyer and Luque are still out... So, I just wonder if Newcastle might try to play 4-5-1, try, as other teams have, to stifle the Chelsea passing game, and maybe get one on the break... I think with Emre, Solano, Owen in the side, we can cause Chelsea some problems, and I wouldn't be suprised to grab a goal, perhaps from a free kick or corner, we know Given is the sh*t, so if Bramble and Boumsong can play well then I really do think we have a chance to get a result out of this game...
Prediction: Draw - Howay the Lads!

Liverpool v Portsmouth - Sh*t, an easy match for the Reds...
Prediction: Liverpool

Man City v Blackburn - Blackburn are starting to put some wins together, City have started to show some inconsistency...
Prediction: Draw

Sunderland v Aston Villa - Sewpa Kev returns to his old stomping ground... and for once should win a match there...
Prediction: Villans

West Brom v Everton - Everton need to keep getting results, West Brom are the type of team that Everton can beat, and I think they will
Prediction: Everton


Middlesbrough v Fulham - Yawn... Both teams have their share of injury problems, and have had dodgy form, so a very tough one to call... So I won't.
Prediction: Draw

Tottenham v West Ham - Another London Derby for Tottenham, I suspect they'll win this one.
Prediction: Tottenham


Birmingham v Bolton - Bruce's Blues will Buckle.
Prediction - Bolton

Comments welcome!, add your predictions and let's see who knows their stuff!
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