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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
  Catching Up... Better late than never...
Ouch! Over a month without a blog post... Is John Dead?


I did have a cold, and I've been very, very busy at work, and getting lots of sleep, which means that doesn't leave much time for blogging...

FITNESS: Aside from having a cold, I'm doing all-right, in addition to getting back on the blog-bandwagon, also getting back into the cardio and gym action... To be honest, taking the first 6 weeks of the year off from the gym probably isn't a bad idea, it avoids the whole 'New Years Resolution' joiners who make the gym so busy in January. I'm still hovering around 183lbs, I think I'd like to get another 5-10 off and then I'll be well and truly done... But maintaining the weight has really been a cinch...

READING: I polished off a great book over the past few weeks - What We Believe but Cannot Prove: Today's Leading Thinkers on Science in the Age of Certainty a very cool book, it's basically a series of today's leading thinkers explaining what they BELIEVE BUT CANNOT PROVE, including some of my favorites Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and many, many others, I was surprised as I went through this, how many names I DID recognize... Topics range from Cosmology, God (of course), Evolutionary Biology, Consciousness, etc... Amazing to hear about what these various scientists, academics, philosophers are thinking about, pushing the boundaries of what we know...

EVENTS: Spent a few days with family and friends out at Great Wolf Lodge, had a great time..., also went SKIING for the first time last week on a school trip with Jack and George to Snow Valley Resort in Barrie... That was a lot of fun too...

Anyhow, will endevour to make blogging a priority, keep my life up to date on the weeb... Cheers!
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