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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
  Tues/Wednesday Matches...
I'm going to throw out some Carling Cup / Prem Predictions for the mid-week matches:

Carling Cup is tough, cuz you don't know what type of a team is going to be sent out... In some cases, you might have a strong team fielding a weak side, but you can also have the weak sides fielding a weak side... How Reading would fare against Arsenal's preferred starting 11 might be quite different from playing the Reserve/Academy team...

Running Balance heading into the midweek : +£3.08

Arsenal v Reading
Arsenal will most certainly field a weakened side, but who knows, Reading might as well, they're leading the championship at the moment, and promotion is WAY more important than the League Cup run... Sky says Reyes and Van Persie will be in the team, that should be enough do the trick..
Pred: Arsenal
Odds: 1.53
Result: Arsenal 3-0, easy peasy... I collect £1.06.

Doncaster v Aston Villa
Doncaster are 9th in League One, Villa really shouldn't have trouble with them...
Pred: Villa
Odds: 1.61
Result: Whoa! Unreal, a FULL STRENGTH Villa team, featuring Angel, Baros, etc, probably 6 or 7 full Internationals goes down 3-0 to a team about 40 positions below them... Nasty, I lose my £2 on this one, down to -£0.94 on the day... :(

Millwall v Birmingham
Millwall are BOTTOM of the Championship, with only 3 wins from 21 games, again I have to go with the favorite here...
Pred: Birmingham
Odds: 1.72
Result: Come on Brum! Throw me a bone here! 1-1 Extra Time, 2-2 Full-Time, Whew, they went to Penalties, and won 4-3... I grab £1.44, so I'm up 50p for the day.

Beginning Balance: £3.08
Day Total: + 50p
Ending Balance: £3.58

EPL: Sunderland v Liverpool
Liverpool should have WAY too much class for Sunderland, who knows, maybe the bean pole will even score!?
Pred: Liverpool
Odds: 1.44
Result: Liverpool win 2-0, + .88

Wigan v Newcastle
I have to choose Newcastle here, word is Wigan are fielding a much weakened team, focusing on the league, while Souness (and Shearer) will be desperate to win something this year, and CLEARLY this is our best chance at it...
Pred: Newcastle
Odds: 2.20
Result: Newcastle crash horribly, I'm falling into a deep, deep depression... I lose my £2, so I'm -1.12.

Bolton v Leicester
Leicester sit 14th in the Championship, away from home v Bolton they should have no chance...
Pred: Bolton
Odds: 1.5
Result: Bolton win, in extra time, still counts! almost evens, -.12

Charlton v Blackburn
Finally a tough one to call! The problem also being that I've picked so many favorites that my winnings so far will be minimal so I could lose it all with a bad choice here...
Pred: I'll stick with the home team here - Charlton
Odds: 2.25
Result: Boo, boo! -£2.12

Man Utd v West Brom
Ok, here's where I'll go for the long shot! Man Utd will definitely field a weakened team, and while you might suspect that West Brom will as well, at 5.5 odds, I think it seems a reasonable gamble! Come on West Brom!
Pred: West Brom
Odds: 5.5
Result: BOO, BOO!, BOO!!, United winning in the Carling Cup, what is wrong with this world?? I'm down £4.12 for the day!

Middlesbro v Crystal Palace
Pred: Boro
Odds: 1.5
Result: Thank You Boro for coming from behind to beat Crystal Palace... Big deal, I win a quid back... Still down -£3.12 for the day

Beginning Balance: £3.58
Today's Results: -£3.12
Ending Balance: £0.46

Big Freaking Deal! I'm up 46p... Oh well, let's hope things go my way this weekend, easy come, easy go eh?
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