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Friday, November 04, 2005
  EPL Predictions 11/4/2005
Ok, El Predicto is at it again, let's see if I can improve on my 6/10 average!

Aston Villa v Liverpool: Ugh, my heart is telling me Liverpool will win this one, Villa have been struggling, Liverpool have had a European match midweek and won last weekend... But... I think Liverpool are just an average team, so I'm going to call it a draw:
Prediction: Draw
Result: Liverpool snatched it late on, a dodgy penalty and then Villa's defence went missing badly for the second goal... I'm 0/1

Arsenal v Sunderland: Van Prissie has been doing quite well (aka Dirty Dutchman #2), he deserves a start... Sunderland have very poor form and a ton of injuries...
Prediction: Arsenal... Has to be... Sunderland are sh*te
Result: Arsenal! Van Persie got his start and a goal! 1/2

Blackburn v Charlton: Tough one to call, Blackburn has been very inconsistent, I think I'll go again for the draw
Prediction: Draw
Result: Blackburn, on fire... Crazy? 1/3

Fulham v Man City: Fulham will finish bottom half of the table this year, City will finish top half...
Prediction: Citeh
Result: Fulham... I'm sucking this week, perhaps 60% was good! 1/4

Newcastle v Birmingham: We're at home, Birmingham have tons of injury troubles, and we're finally mostly fit... Birmingham isn't scoring goals, now with Owen, Emre and Solano in the line-up we ARE scoring goals... Should be a comfortable win for the Toon...
Prediction: Howay Howay Toon Toon
Result: Yes! Finally! Newcastle do me a favor! They kept it late and apparently it wasn't a very good performance, but 3 points is fine with me at this point... 2/5

West Ham v West Brom: West Brom layed down at home against us last match, they're struggling for confidence and West Ham are a good team with some quality... Sheringham is till pulling the strings and Behayoun looks quite good (if not a little light weight)
Prediction: Hammers
Result: Yes, Hammers win it, I heard nothing about this game, other than Sheringham started... 3/6

Portsmouth v Wigan: Should be a good match, both teams have some confidence, Portsmouth after rolling over Sunderland, but Wigan won't lay down like the Mackems... Wigan can't keep winning through...
Prediction: Draw - Robert will get a goal...
Result: Doh! Apparently Wigan *CAN* keep winning... 6 straight and still in second, amazing! I'm 3/7

Ok, so I need to get Sunday's correct and I suppose there is a fixture on Monday? Bolton v Tottenham or something?

Everton v Middlesbrough: Everton's revival will continue, Middlesboro will be on a high after beating ManUre, but Everton will start to show some grit and pull one out... by the odd goal...
Prediction: Everton
Result: Everton Win, Hooray, didn't watch the match, but happen that Everton seem to be turning it around. 4/8

Man United v Chelsea: Come on Chelsea, make it 3 losses in 3 for the rags... Honestly, Man United don't have the heart at the moment, they've lost their self belief, Chelsea will want a convincing win after losing in the Champions League, and while United will as well, the difference is Chelsea have way more class and the ability to get the win!
Prediction: Chelsea.
Result: Boo Boo Boo F'ing BOO!! I watched the majority of the match, with a few distractions, but from what I saw I think Man United did deserve a result... They certainly showed they were up for it, in particular Alan Smith with his new Keane inspired 'doo... Oh well, it doesn't really make much difference for Chelsea, but it does take lots of pressure off Man United, but I would have, ahem, LOVED IT if Chelsea had beaten them... So I end up 4/9... I suppose I should post a prediction for Tottenham v Bolton...

Bolton v Tottenham: Ouch, another tough one to call, I can totally see this one going either way... Bolton are known as such a physical team, tough to defend against their set pieces... Tottenham are really playing so well this year... I'd like to see Tottenham win this, but I think perhaps a draw is the best guess on this one...
Prediction: Draw
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