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Thursday, October 13, 2005
  FIFA 06
Well I got a copy of FIFA 06 for the XBOX this past weekend, and I have to say I'm a fan... I'm still getting used to some of the changes, FREE KICKS in particular are much different. I think the change that has frustrated me the most if how hard it is to maintain possession in the middle of the field. You absolutely have to pay more attention to playing the ball to players who are in space, and also take care with your first touch to play the ball into space. If you are in possession and run into an opposing team player, you lose the ball about 90% of the time... Another change is it's much tougher to control your player, and the timing of shots/passes when sprinting... For instances, you're a midfielder, sprinting forward with the ball, you send your forward(s) on a run, wait for them to be in line with the defence, then play your through ball.... NOPE! Often your player will take an additional second or so to actually play the pass, by which time your attack is offside... However, if you just run normally instead of sprinting you're typically better able to get those passes away quickly... I've also had quite good success with running down the wing and using the X (lob pass) into the middle and score with a header... I'm currently playing my first Manager Mode game, I've taken charge of Grimsby (hey, they're black and white!), and in my last match knocked Everton out of the 'English Cup'
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