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Sunday, October 16, 2005
  EPL Predictions - Results 10/16

Wigan 1 v Newcastle 0 - Prediction: Newcastle... Bugger... Wrong 0/1... Newcastle didn't really get out of the gates in the first half... Played fairly well in the second half, were robbed a goal, I think probably deserved at least a draw... Blech...

Birmingham 0 v Aston Villa 1 - Prediction: Birmingham... Wrong again, 0/2... Had planned to watch this game, but didn't...

Charlton v Fulham - TBD - I guess this match is on Monday...Prediction: Charlton

Chelsea 5 v Bolton 1 - Prediction: Chelsea - Right! (1/3) Wow I'm freaking Nostradomas, I correctly predicted Chelsea to win! Hahaha...

Liverpool 1 v Blackburn 0 - Preduction: Liverpool - by at least 2 goals.. Ok, I missed to goal margin, it's not my fault Liverpool are still a little more shite than I thought... (2/4) I'm as accurate as flipping a coin at this point...

Man City 2 v West Ham 1: Prediction: Draw - Incorrect... (2/5) City SHOULD have won by even more, I watched a bit of this game...

Sunderland 1 v Man Utd 3: Preduction: United. Correct (3/6)

Tottenham 2 v Everton 0 : No suprise here Prediction: Tottenham (4/7)

West Brom 2 v Arsenal 1 : Preduction: Draw, well I'm partly right, I did predict that the Arse would struggle without Henry and Viera, I was right about that, but to lose to West Brom, WOW! (4/8)

Middlesbro v Portsmouth: Prediction: 0-0 Draw - Correct result, the actual score is just for bonus points! (5/9)

So hopefully Charlton beat Fulham and I end up with a little better than the coin flip approach!

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