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Monday, October 24, 2005
  EPL Predictions/Results Oct 22nd/33rd
Overall a very exciting weekend of football, lots of good match-ups and a variety of wacky stuff going on...

Blackburn v Birmingham, This is a tough one to call, both teams are kind of sh*te...
Prediction: Draw
Result: Blackburn won this, 2-0, Dickov (Pen) and Bellamy grabbed the goals... 0/1

Arsenal v Man City, This is the match everyone will be talking about the rediculous 2nd penalty attempt... I've seen a dozen replays of it now, what a joke!
Prediction: Arsenal
Result: Arsenal 2-0, I'm 1 for 2..

Aston Villa v Wigan, Tough one... On Paper you'd pick Villa, but Wigan are proving to get fairly tough to break down and they have some quality up front who can score a goal if they get the chance... Villa did grab a win last weekend at Birmingham, but I think they'll lose this and Wigan will continue their impressive run.,
Prediction: Wigan
Result: Wigan 2-0, Jewell is out of control... I'm 2/3

Fulham v Liverpool,
Prediction: Fulham
Result: Fulham 2-0... Amazing, I'm 3/4!

Man United v Tottenham,
Prediction: Tottenham
Unfortunately Tottenham couldn't quite win this one, but they did take it to them, and even now with Man United being kind of shite, I think a point at Old Trafford is still a decent result for anyone...
Result: 1-1, I'm 3/5

Portsmouth v Charlton, Portsmouth are sh*te and should lose pretty much every game... So I'd say Charlton will win this one... Heck Portsmouth's team is made up of players who couldn't even make it at Newcastle who finished 14th last season, what does that tell you???
Result: Charlton win 2-1... I'm 4/6... Not bad for Saturday!

Newcastle v Sunderland, I did get to celebrate at a beer festival on Sunday, what an exciting game, great to see Shola get a few goals, we looked much more creative and attack-minded with Emre and Solano in the team, can't wait to see the football we'll be playing with Owen/Shearer up front, then Luque or Emre, Parker, Dyer, and Solano in midfield... Should be brilliant
Prediction: Newcastle
Result: Newcastle 3-2, Correct again, 5/7

Bolton v West Brom, Bolton are struggling a bit now, they've lost to City and Chelsea back-to-back while West Brom are full of confidence after beating Arsenal... Bolton don't score a lot of goals, so I'm again going to sit on the fence...
Prediction: Draw
Result: Bolton..2-0 Bugger! West Brom had an early penalty, but had to retack it since Geoff Horseass ran into the box before the ball was struck, and subsequently Kamara missed... Ok, I'm 5/8

West Ham v Middlesbrough, Again, tough one to call, West Ham almost fought back for a point against City, Middlesboro are sh*te
Prediction: Hammers
Result: Correct, Teddy freakin' Sheringham scoring the winner... He must be like 40 now isn't he? I'm 6/9

Everton v Chelsea, I said: What can you say, you could bet your mortgage on this one... I'll offer to run down my street naked if Everton manage not to lose this one...
Prediction: Chelsea, 100%, no doubt in my mind...
Result: 1-1. Wow! Good thing no one will hold me to that! So I end up 6/10... 60% again, that's 3 weeks straight at 60% accuracy... Would that win me any money I wonder?
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