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Saturday, September 22, 2007
  Jack & George's Birthday Party Sleepover

Well we have a pretty cool party for the kids, it's just wrapped up and we've sent them packing...

Both Jack and George invited 4 friends over, they arrived at about 6:00pm last night. 

We started with some games, then Pizza, Presents & Cake, then a movie out in the sunroom using a data projector.

10:00pm and we cranked up a great campfire, did some marshmallows and running around with flashlights.

Campfires in the backyard can't compete w/ XBOX Karaoke, then around Midnight I hauled them out into their tents (we set up 3 tents in the backyard), they crammed into the tents w/ sleeping bags and pillows, and by about 1:30am it finally got quiet...

They were up again around 6:30am and back onto the video games.  We did a little soccer game around 8:30am, then breakfast, packing up and more video games... 

They were all picked up around 11:00am this morning...


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