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Monday, July 23, 2007
  Camping was awesome
Just returned from an awesome 10 day camping trip with the family. It was our 3rd time heading to The Pinery Provincial Park, a really fantastic place.

The good news:
  • Not too far away, about 2h45m from Mississauga (Google Map), just south of Grand Bend on the shore of Lake Huron.
  • Amazing Beach
  • Burley Campground has big, private sites
  • Trails for Hiking

The bad news:
  • Takes about 20 minutes to out to the highway, so a trip into town is a good 90 minutes return once you stop to get something.

I got to do some serious relaxing, got about 150 pages into a great Philosophy book. Lots of time to think about life, simplicity and happiness. I'm hoping to get away camping again this year, as the 10 days just flew by, could have stayed for another 10!

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