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Monday, May 28, 2007
  Vegetarian Update
As I mentioned about 3 weeks ago, I'm experimenting with going vegetarian. Here are some of my thoughts and experiences from the last 3 weeks....

- I certainly haven't been 100% veggie... I'd say over ~ 20 days, I've probably had no meat whatsoever about 14 or 15 of those days... I've had a Big Mac (on McHappy Day), actually I had another Big Mac when I took the boys to visit Ron at McDonald's. I've had Chicken 2 or 3 times as well...
- Aside from those Big Macs, I'm not really craving beef or pork at all...
- The veggie burgers from Harveys and A&W are fantastic
- I have had some trouble with energy levels, not sure if I'm not getting enough iron, or enough protein, or what, but I've certainly felt a drop in energy. Particularly yesterday playing soccer, I ran out of energy sooner than expected and it took me nearly half the day to get feeling decent again.
- I've subscribed to a vegetarian tips RSS feed and put a vegetarian book on hold at the library, in line w/ my philosophy if I continue to read about and learn about being a vegetarian it will help reinforce my goal and help me to succeed.
- I plan to be more disciplined at taking my daily vitamin, this might help w/ the energy issue and potentially any other meat-related nutrients that I might no longer be getting.
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