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Sunday, January 14, 2007
  Joe's Goals - Free Online Habit Tracker
Joe's Goals - Free Online Habit Tracker - I've been thinking a lot lately about how to acheive more success in life. I've sort of broken it down to three areas:

1) Decide upon your goal(s) - Maybe it's your physical fitness, your personal life, financial, your career, etc... Decide what it is you want to acheive.
2) Determine what you need to do in order to get there - Exercise, learn a new skill, invest time with friends/family, save money, whatever. If you're unable to figure out how to acheive your goal, use the web as a resource, read self-help articles, get a book from the library, talk to friends, etc.
3) Do it - This, for me, is always the hardest part - how to do enforce the discipline in your day-to-day life to keep yourself on track? I'm working on this one, and already have a few ideas that have worked well for me:
- Take part in a competition - the cardio competition I've been in has been a great help, keeping me on the treadmill and at the gym
- Daily reminders / write a letter - write a note, stick it in your wallet, read it every day, write this letter to the 'you of the future', with a set of rules to follow, talk about how you feel and reminder yourself of your goals and how you're going to acheive them on a day to day basis
- Record your progress - track your progress, don't get discouraged when you mess up, get right back on the bike and try harder. Keep a journal with notes on how you're doing, what is challenging you, or keeping you from achieving your goals, come up with solutions to these problems.

Anyhow, along the lines of point #3, I made my own little Excel spreadsheet to track my own goals, and then googled today and found the 'Joe's Goals' site, you can sign up there, note in good/bad habits and track them. Interesting, I think I'll stick w/ my Excel one for now, as it's a little more elaborate, but if this works for you, then cool!
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