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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
  Free University Education? Huh?
webcast.berkeley Courses Podcast Feeds - I'm getting an education that might potentially cost me $13,000USD/year for free!

Thank you University of California Berkeley!

What a fantastic, wonderful, amazing concept! UC Berkeley is making all lectures for quite a number of their courses available for free on the Internet as Podcasts!

I just began listening to the first of a number of courses that I've 'subscribed' to - Physics 10 - Physics for Future Presidents... The first lecture was about 90 minutes long, that's just 2 commutes for me :) Fasinating and of course very educational...

Just searched around, and found the website of the instructor and a link to the course website, http://muller.lbl.gov/teaching/Physics10/PffP.html where all of the course materials also appear to be available for free, including the Textbook chapters,etc... Amazing! Just think once the $100 laptop project gets going, you could have millions of children in impoverished countries having access to this high quality education for free... Awesome!

Search through the list of courses, pick one that interests you and do it! Why not?
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