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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
  Healthy Eating...
I'm still doing well with my diet. Down this morning to 196.5, certainly not losing as much as I was, but with all the drinking and eating on weekends, it's tough, this weekened will be no different I'm sure!

Anyway, I was just thinking "What should I have for lunch today?" and decided to Google on it... Found these 2 very interesting articles:

What Should I Eat Today?

Ten Foods You Should NEVER Eat!

I think I'll have a 6 inch Subway Sub on Whole Wheat bread... Based on their Nutritional info:

Calories: 290 - make that 440 including Mayo (110) and Cheese (40) ... Yikes!, that's interesting actually, so you could have a 12" sub w/o Mayo and Cheese, it would be 580 calories, only 50% more than the 6 inch with.... Hmmm... Certainly a lot more filling! Perhaps I'll try that... Have half now, and half on the way home...

Fat: 5 grams
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