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Friday, March 24, 2006
  Prodigy Toronto Kool Haus Tuesday March 21st 2006

What a totally amazing show this was... This was the first high energy club gig I've seen in maybe 10 years?... Probably since seeing Nitzer Ebb at the Pheonix or something like that... Arlene and I went to C'est What for dinner and drinks, one in particular at the moment is very special there, the Black Oak Pale Ale, Cask Conditioned, Dry-Hopped, OMFG! then headed down to Kool Haus at about 7:45pm, tickets said 8:00pm.

We arrived a Kool Haus, there was already a line-up wrapped around the building... We waited out in the cold for probably close to an hour, finally make it in, checked out coats then headed to the stage area. There was this young geeky looking dude performing a DJ set. I have no idea who he was, but it was pretty groovy and he was enjoying himself, then after about 1/2 hour, another DJ guy came out, didn't know it at the time, but it was Adam Freeland. Since I'm really not 'in the scene', I hadn't heard of him before. But since then I've read a bit, and downloaded some of his mixes and stuff, really cool, he's from the UK... If you want to check out one of his tracks, this is my personal fav - I WANT YOUR SOUL - Anyway... So this guy was up there for over an hour, and as the time wore on, of course the crowd got bigger and bigger and tighter and tighter... Arlene decided she'd had enough and went to the back to get some air and space... The set was totally awesome, included mixed/mashed-up versions of the Cult, White Stripes, Nirvana, AC/DC and even Led Zepplin! It was definitely a good opener, he did a great job warming everyone up... One cool thing about a DJ opening instead of a band is once he was done, it too only about a minute or perhaps two to unjack his stuff, move the table out of the way and Prodigy came on... When they flew out onto the stage the crowd went MENTAL... I've been to shows like this (Albeit not for a number of years), but I think I'd forgotten what it was like to be right up by the stage, the crush, the pushing, the almost falling over, the HEAT... the ENERGY... It was awesome... I stayed up there, pogoing away for about 3 songs and then even I'd had enough (Yeah, ok, I'm getting old...), and by the time I got out of the crush, grabbed a bottle of water and found Arlene I was EXHAUSTED... I'd gone to the Gym and worked out with Roger earlier in the day, in hindsight that probably wasn't a great idea, I needed all my energy for dancing! We stayed til the encore and I did manage to dance some more near the ended, but I was wiped. It was neat seeing some of the differences in shows, namely how it seems like every other person has a camera or camera phone and is taking pictures and/or video of the show... Pretty bizarre...

I've been wanted to go to a drum'n'bass club for a few years now, but have never really gotten around to it, we've been out to clubs a few times, but it's always been Alternative clubs, playing the music that we're used to, but ever since I've first heard Firestarter by Prodigy about 8 or 9 years ago I've really gotten into electronica, drum and bass, jungle, etc... I love Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, Autechre... There are so many cool bands making great electronic music...

So after the show, we were handed some flyers for other clubs and parties, and I'm planning to go to one... It's called THEORY next Friday night (March 31st) - , and it's at the Guvernment... Should be pretty cool, Mr. Bond is coming with... We'll head down after the kid's soccer grab a few jars from C'est What and then head over... Should be an experience! Whoop!
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