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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
  Ray Kurzweil Article
Since I discovered this guy (via a sidebar article in Wired), I've been enthralled by his vision... I'm currently reading his latest book the Singularity is Near, and it's been my most popular topic of conversation... In a nutshell, Ray is a world-renowned inventor and futurist who predicts that within the next 40 years non-biological intelligence (aka computers & AI) will become exponentially more intelligent than humans beings and with continued exponential growth in the development of all technology, nanotech, genetics research, etc, we will have the ability to live forever! Pretty powerful stuff... He wrote an article that was published this month in Futurist magazine, here's a link to a PDF version of the article, it's only 7 pages long, accompanied by some little related articles/critiques by some other writers... I STRONGLY recommend you take 10 minutes and read this... It's mind blowing, incredibly cool stuff!

Check out the bet Ray's in http://www.longbets.org/bets
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