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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
  Where's the best Indian food in Mississauga?

This story starts back last year... We had a big Indian guy working with us at Netserve named Vinod, he told me where I could find the best Butter Chicken around... I think it's even run by a relative of his... Anyhow, it's called "THE HOST", and while they have 3 locations, the Mississauga one is right by Square one (I'll include links below...)

So a couple of weeks ago, Arlene and I were in the mood for Indian, so I said WTF, let's give it a roll... We absolutely LOVED IT!, we started with:

Mila Zula
Mixed platter of vegetable samosa, onion bhajia, khas tikki and murg nisha

It was a great start, some really neat finger foods. Something in particular which I enjoyed which I hadn't had before, was almost like a chicken finger, but with a Indian-flavor batter...

For our main course we had:

Garlic Nan
Leavened white flour Tandoori bread (with Garlic & Butter)

and now I can't find the 2 other dishes we had, I think perhaps the menu on the web site is different from the restaurant, anyhow, we think we had a Tandoori chicken with some type of Almond, and then I thought the curry was a Tikka Masala or something like that... Anyhow, it was the best Indian we'd ever had!

Then Arlene was reading the Star today and read that The Host had actually been selected from like 46 Toronto area restaurants as having THE BEST BUTTER CHICKEN! Ha! So go figure, we DO know what we're talking about (and eating!)

Let's plan a few pints at Failte and then the Vindaloo at The Host!

Official Web Site: http://www.welcometohost.com/

Google Map (directions from Failte to the Host!):
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