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Friday, December 02, 2005
  Simply AMAZING Beer Cocktail...
What is a Beer Cocktail? Well it's sort of like a remix... You take a beer that you like, and add a new ingredient to make it a little different, or mix 2 or more beers together to create something new... Why not? Why let the Brewmasters have all the fun!

Some of my favorites:

Hoegarden & Ribena: Makes a very tasty Black Currant Weisse Beer!
Black Steam: Steamwhistle & Guinness, the Pilsner flavor still comes through!
Snake Bite / Black Velvet: Guinness & Strongbow

But one in particular that has just KNOCKED ME OUT! Was suggested by Peter from Esprit Agencies, a liquor importer...

Rogue Chocolate Stout + Mort Subite Framboise: It is absolutely stunning, delicious and sweet like a Black Forest Cake! Amazing, you simply MUST try it... If you're lucky you should be able to find some of the Rogue Chocolate Stout at the LCBO (750ml bottle!), it was part of the Autumn release, and the Framboise is fairly easy to get... Use a regular pint glass, or a large Red Wine style glass... Pour the Framboise in first, straight down the middle, perhaps 3-4 oz, you should get a nice 1" foamy head. Stop, stick your nose in the glass, take a deep inhale... Oh baby, delicious raspberry aroma! Now, tilt the glass and pour in the Chocolate! Let is slip in under the Raspberry head and mix with the Framboise, use about double the amount of the framboise, say 8 oz or so... Now, take a nice deep drink (sipping is for sissies!), hold it in your mouth, let it envelope your tongue, savor the rich, complex flavors, fruit, coffee, roast, chocolate... Then swallow... Amazing... Pair it with a rich chocolate dessert for an absolutely sinful delight!

Don't substitute a Guinness for the Rogue, it's a totally different type of Stout, you need to use a sweetish Stout to get the desired effect!

Last note: If, for some reason, you're unable to create this, a decent substitute, which doesn't require any mixing is Black Oak's Double Chocolate Cherry Stout, which is available at C'est What?.

Just checking out C'est What?'s current draft list, and there's some decent opportunity for some fun mixing there... How about the Tankhouse Pale Ale and Church Key's Holy Smoke?, or St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout and Wildberry Mead?

For more fun... Check these links:

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