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Saturday, December 31, 2005
  iPod Quest Update...

An update on my FreePay iPod experience... All good news :)

1) Pete's Progress: Pete reached his 5 completed referrals in the week before Christmas, and clicked forward for confirmation, which apparently takes 7-10 days... I haven't heard back from him yet, but will post the info here.

2) The Galleria Program: That's the trial program that I've suggested people sign-up for... I rec'd the package in the mail, about a week or so after signing up, it's dated Dec 16th (so I have until Jan 16th to cancel and not get charged) and the program really is a waste of time, but should be a cinch to cancel, I know Pete cancelled his without a problem, just called them up. Anyway, the way the program works is you pay $17.95/mo, and this allows you to buy $25 gift cards for a bunch of different retailers (Winners, Roots, etc...), and at the END OF THE MONTH (assuming you're still a member and haven't cancelled), you get $5 back for each card you've bought... So, if you actually bought 4 of these things per month, it would cost you:

Monthly Cost of Galleria Membership: $17.95
Cost of Gift Cards: $25 x 4 = $100
End of Month Rebate: $5 x 4 = -$20
Result: $97.95

So for all the hassle of having to CALL to order these things, and assuming they send you back a cheque for the $20, having to take the time to deposit that in the bank, you save a measly $2.05! Haha, what a joke! To make this worth your while, you'd have to be buying pretty substantial quantities of these gift cards, and yet there are limits - 10 gift cards per retailer, per family member... So if you *KNEW* you wanted to buy a Roots Leather jacket or something that was $300, you could go and buy 10 gift cards ($250), and get your $50 back, and save $50 on the jacket, less your monthly free of $17.95, so again, even in that extreme scenario you still only end up saving $32.05... Big deal! You could probably easily save that just by waiting for the item to go on sale, or go to a factory outlet or something...

So to sum it up, the Galleria program is a joke, and absolutely worth cancelling... Is it worth the hassle of signing up for to get a $400 iPod, YES!

One last note though, that you only get your $5/card back at the end of the month, if you're still a member, so don't try buying a bunch of gift cards during your free trial month and then think you can cancel, you won't get your $5 credits! Ha!

Damn I'm getting excited about getting my iPod, I just know it will be a whole new way for me to experience music. My car has an audio-in port, so I'll be able to jack it in there, I'll probably just keep it in my coat pocket in winter so I can listen all the time... 30GB of music, that's a rediculous amount, I'm actually going to start compiling all the MP3's that I've burned to CD over the last few years into a massive folder on my HD so I can transfer them over once I get it... I was over at my friend Sheila's place, and she has an iPod, and a cute Altec Lansing cradle w/ speakers, so she can pop it in while she's in the kitchen, sounds great...

Want to be the 5th referral? Click My Referral Link HERE... -> http://ipods.freepay.com/?r=25553604
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