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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
  Update... Shmupdate....
Time to post a little blog action...

Watched the 1st episode of The Amazing Race, Season Eight tonight... We actually missed it on Tuesday, so I downloaded it via BitTorrent, if you're not already familiar with this technology, you really should be, it's the best way to watch shows when YOU want to watch them... Grab a BitTorrent client, like ABC or Azureus, then hit www.mininova.org and you can download all kinds of stuff, but TV Shows are particularly easy to get... Nice thing is they are great quality, commercials cut out, and then make sure your PC has a video card w/ TV-Out capability, or burn it to DVD or get a modded XBOX running XBOX Media Center and connect it to your home PC... Ah to be a GEEK!

Anyhow, it makes me crazy seeing all of these bloody christians praying and what-not in order to do well in the race, I mean, can they honestly think that 'GOD' gives a flying F*CK about people in a reality TV show??? Gimme a break... These people should visit this web site - http://www.infidels.org/news/atheism/intro.html

I also thought it was really ironically funny that the token african american contestants actually had the surname of Black, and so they were referred to as 'The Black Family', unfortunately they fell at the first hurdle and were eliminated, but it was, and I think will be a fairly exciting show this season, some of the families will have quite a bit of drama...

Another show we've been watching lately is Prison Break, the acting isn't the greatest, but it's got a rather unique storyline and the cliffhangers each week are killer!!! I've been downloading these as well and will prob. burn them to DVD...

Enjoyed a few pints of Hockley Valley Dark (Most Craft Brewers have SH1TE websites!) tonight, it is a REALLY, REALLY nice English Style Dark Ale! Excellent stuff, highly recommended... This is the type of beer you don't even have to store in the fridge, just leave it on the floor, drink it a few degrees below room temperature, preferably along with haggis and chips...

This Saturday, Oct 1st is the Winking Judge Brew Fest, looking forward to a good time!
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