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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
  IT Meeting Update!
The Lindt IT Meeting in Switzerland wrapped up today... Lots of good ideas and projects for the next year...

Had a very nice time last night, went out for dinner to a place called Chnusper Hüsli, which translates to something like the Gingerbread House, meaning the one where the witch lived in Hansel and Gretel... I've searched for a web link, FOUND IT - http://www.chnuschper-huesli.ch/ Check this out, very neat little place!

The place is all done up in a sort of witch decor, food was very nice, started with an excellent soup, then corn on the cob, BBQ chicken and fries. Had a very nice Australian Merlot Cabernet blended wine to drink...

As I mentioned, no direct web site, but here's a page that talks about hiking through this area and has some pictures that give you some idea of the view...


Tonight I'm heading down to Rapperswil with Martin Meier, Roger Bowald, Stephen Scappichio, and Gerry Baughman, do a little site seeing and go for dinner, I think I'll finally bust out my camera for tonight and get some pictures!

Heading to the airport at 7:20am tomorrow, my flight departs at 11:05AM, then I'm at Heathrow from 12:00pm to 3:15pm, arriving at Pearson, Terminal 3 at 6:00pm (Flight #BA99)
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