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Monday, August 29, 2005
  A picture of the cottage...
Here's the great little cottage that we stayed at up at Balsam Lake, we had a wonderful time. The kids had a blast down at the beach... I learned how to start and operate a little motorboat! If I'd had the 'net while we were up there I'm sure a site like this would have been useful!

We had satellite TV up there, which was great, so I got to watch Newcastle lose to Bolton 2-0 and Man United 2-0, Lucky me!

I got an email from my buddy Adrian from Newcastle, he's picking up tickets for me tomorrow for the Fulham match on September 10th! I'll be at St. James! I can't wait!!

Tonight we had a little Friends and Family match with Henry's soccer team, had a fun time, then on the way home we thought we'd take the van through the car wash, but we forgot to take the soft shell carrier off the top, which was filled with our pillows and blankets we'd taken up to the cottage! (Something like this) Doh!

I'm just chilling on the couch now, watching the EPL Review show from the weekend via the XBOX, blogging it up w/ my laptop...
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